The staff at ‘The Bewbush Academy’ are a team that:

  • Respects, supports and listens to one another
  • Is consistent and work as one
  • Always put the children in the school first
  • Communicates effectively, shares good ideas, successes and failures
  • Are motivated and promote high standards
  • Are positive about the future and are working together towards a shared vision



Christine Dickens

Deputy Headteacher/ KS1 Lead

Helen Mapp

Assistant Headteacher Lower KS2

Kim Sheik

Assistant Headteacher Upper KS2

David Leake


Hilary Young


Pam Field


Hilary Young, Anna Perrott, Gillian Thorley, and Danielle Robinson

KS1: Year 1

Newman Hard, Nicky Holmes and Lisa Strachan

KS2: Year 2

Graceann Bimpong-Clarke, Ekta Sharma, Jo Pelham and Melissa Carter 

KS2: Year 3

Miss A Mundroina, Jenna Scott and Alice Blackshaw 

KS2: Year 4

Claire Farndon, Rachel Haywood, Pam Field and Emily Sawyer

KS2: Year 5

Lee Jerromes, Liz Michalowska, Fariya Rehman and Kat Storey

KS2: Year 6

Joe Egan, Charlie Radley, David Leake, Kim Sheik


Jane Perry

Multi-lingual Assistants

Kanta Vaid and Sandra Potter 

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Neelam Sinha, Shona Darvill, Mandy Pharoah, Tracy Mitchell, Jane Nicol and Kerry Tuffnell.

Classroom Teaching Assistants

Emily Racioppoli, Emma Rands, Debbie Gillies, Hardika Jani, Michelle Fassam, Lauren Channon, Jan Taylor, Marie Franchina, Karen Hedger, Shelia Avery, Sarah Damon, Fran Rae, Debbie Brackpool, Nicola Holmes, Vanesa McShane and Emily Fawdry.

Inclusion Teaching Assistants

Marion Ayling, Ann Barker, Jan Boyce, Val Evans, Zoe Sewell, Jackie Charge, Maddy Hope, Emma Minns and Lorraine Littlejohn

Business Manager

Emma Woodward

(Dominique McEwen mat leave)

Office Team

Annie Woodburn, Claire Penfold, Linda Lewis and Karen Howe

Family Link Worker

Rebecca Anderson

Premises Staff

James Troke and Ash Sharma

Lunchtime Supervisors

Maria Bashford, Jesila Calapin, Sammie Riley, Marie Ives, Samantha John, Madeline Nyang and Lisa Foster