Admission arrangements and criteria for places are made by West Sussex County Council. These admissions arrangements apply to all schools in West Sussex. Children are admitted to the school during the academic year in which they are five years old.  At The Bewbush Academy we admit all children full time as near to the start of the autumn term as possible.  A request from a parent to defer entry to the spring term will be given favourable consideration.

The Local Authority is responsible for the admissions of all primary schools in West Sussex. This means that instead of applying separately to different schools you use a single application form which can be obtained from:

Pupil Admissions,
WSCC, County Hall North,
Chart Way,
Horsham, RH121XH.

Telephone: 03330 142 903 / 01403 229131 / 01403 229103

A Bewbush Academy enrolment form must also be completed before a child can start at our school. Should you want your child to start at The Bewbush Academy at a time other than when they are five then you will need to fill out an ‘In Year Application Form’ available from Pupil Admissions.  This is available here

Preference for admissions will be ranked using the following criteria, which match the West Sussex Local Authority criteria:

1. Looked after children (or those previously looked after)

2. Children who need a place for compelling and exceptional social, psychological or medical grounds

3. Children who live in catchment with siblings at the school who will be there when they start

4. Children who live in catchment

5. Children who live out of catchment with siblings at the school who will be there when they start

6. Children who live out of catchment