Posted on: January 16th 2020

Muddy Outdoor Learning!

Week 1 - Orienteering

Outdoor learning was centred around orienteering in Week 1. The children had the opportunity to freely move around the outdoor area and find the new waypoints located around the school, each containing a different letter of the alphabet that the children had to collect. Later on in the session, they used compasses to identify North, South, East and West.  They were then introduced to ways of working out N/S/E/W if they didn't have a compass, through using the wind, sun and trees. All classes, loved their first session, however, Greenfinch did get very wet!


Week 2 - Team Building

This week's outdoor learning got extremely messy! Year 5 took part in three different team building activities.


Activity 1 - Spider's Web

The children had to work in pairs to guide one another through a spider's web (string wrapped amongst the trees), but it wasn't easy! One person was blindfolded! This task was all about communication between the pair to successfully pass through the web without touching the rope.


Activity 2 - The Plank

For this activity, children were lined in on a plank of wood. They were given a variety of tasks to complete. One task was to order themselves in alphabetical order without falling off. The groups became more successful the more they communicated with one another.


Activity 3 - The Bridge

For this task the muddy field was a 'river' and each group had to make their way across the river without falling in the 'water'. They had a variety of resources (wooden planks, tires and logs) at the start, which they had to use to get every member of the team across. In Greenfinch class, only one group was successful! However, EVERYONE got covered in mud as you can see from the photos.