Posted on: March 5th 2020

Roving Reporters in Year 5

The Bewbush Academy invited Gary Marlow to work with all year groups this year to give the children an amazing outdoor learning experience.

Mahum, Callie, Aleena, Mia and Sara were tasked in finding out a little bit more about our regular visitor via the headline Ultra keen Gary takes on new challenge for his 40th.  Read their interview below.


How did you get into teaching survival? How long have you been teaching it for?

I went to university because I wanted to be a PE teacher. Then I went to teach at secondary school and worked at beavers, cubs and scouts. In total I have been teaching for 6 years. 

Who taught you? 

I have got inspiration from other people from my teaching course. Never stop learning! 

Can you still play hockey and do you like it?

I try to play when I can, I’m not in practice (out of the habit). 

Do you still do mountain races?

My next competition is Cape Wrath starts in Scotland and goes all the way to South East Scotland and it is a 500-mile race. 

How many different contests have you taken part in?

For 3 years I have taken part in the ultra-marathon but altogether I’ve done 12/15 and my next contest is next month.  

Do you have to keep fit? How do you keep fit?

By doing survival. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Pushing my boundaries to inspire. I’ve also won a holiday club award and been nominated for coach of the year. 

Did you ever doubt yourself during the spine race?

Yes, at times as there were 60/70 mile an hour winds but laughing helped me stride through it. 

What has your favourite contest been?

The Spine Race because it is Britain’s most brutal race and I've also had the opportunity to be part of the safety team. 

Why did you decide to take part in the different contests?

I wanted to challenge myself. 

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future include developing new sports for children and I want to teach younger children. 

What are your favourite parts of survival?

Fires. The fire is the best because it’s a great accomplishment once you get it going. 

What contest has been the most challenging and why? 

The Dragons Race (Mountain Race in Wales). It has been the toughest multi-marathon. I was ok the first day, the second day I got timed out, however, I stayed the last three days to watch.