Posted on: February 28th 2020

Science Week - Year 3

Year 3 tried to answer the question 'What do organisms need to survive?' in a slightly different way.


They discovered everything is dependent on soil. All animal life directly or indirectly consumes material which was grown in the soil.


Having considered why soil is so important, they decided to find out exactly what soil is.  They learned what is in soil, how soil is made up, and how different soil profiles can be observed.  They learned the difference between top soil and sub soil, as well as noting how different bedrocks can affect a soil's characteristics.  They separated different elements from the soil in experiments as well as researching various creatures which make their home in the soil and need it to survive in a more direct way.


All in all everyone had a fun week and enjoyed presenting their findings at the science fair on Friday afternoon where their soil experts wowed the rest of the school.