Posted on: February 28th 2020

Science Week - Year 4

Year 4 had an exciting week investigating a number of aspects of things which living organisms need to live and thrive. On Monday they spent time planting cress and making predictions about which environments and conditions would best support plant growth. Over the course of the week they eagerly inspected the pots each morning to see what had happened over night. We discovered that despite their predictions the cress in the dark did grow, however it did not look as healthy as the cress growing in the daylight. 


One particularly exciting lesson was when they studied the microorganism - yeast - to see what would happen when they mixed it with sugar. The results were quite unexpected and one Mallard class pupil was heard to say "This is the best science lesson ever".  Please talk to your child to see if they can explain what they observed.


The children were most appalled to learn that germs can multiply every twenty minutes, They applied their maths skills and worked out how many germs would be in your stomach at 7:00am if you had gone to bed with just two of them in your r stomach at 10:00pm the night before. 


Can you calculate the answer? It will be a real eye opener.