Posted on: February 28th 2020

Science Week - Year 5

Over the last few weeks, Year 5 have been studying the rainforest. They have been learning about where rainforests are located in the world and about the different layers that they are made up of. In addition, they have learnt about the different animals and plants that reside in the rainforest as well as looking into the impact of deforestation.

Over the half term, the children were asked to create their own rainforest, it could be anything from a drawing to a 3D model. The year 5 teachers were blown away by the amount of effort the children put into this project. Here are just a few pictures of their amazing work:


This half term, Year 5 will continue to study the rainforest but will focus on the lives of people who live there. Thank you to all the adults who helped their child create their rainforest and we hope you enjoyed it!