Posted on: July 6th 2020

6JUL20 - Head's update 10


6th July 2020


Dear Parents & Carers,


It is great to see so many children back in school.  We had such a positive response to our offer to open to Year 4 & 5 that we had to create 4 Bubbles of children.  We would have liked to have these children in full-time for the last three weeks but that wasn’t possible with the numbers who responded.  We now have nearly 50% (48% to be precise) of our pupils in school at some point during the week.  Thank you to the families who have sent their children back.


I appreciate how difficult it is to educate your children at home and how difficult it is for the children not to have their friends around them.  If you are now thinking it’s nearly the holidays please think about encouraging your children to read, if they do nothing else, reading is the key.  Many, many children in Key Stage 2 are not using the Accelerated Reader quiz facility - I am checking.  I’m being told lots of children are reading but not quizzing, if you are reading your own books it is worth checking to see if they are on Accelerated Reader.  And don’t forget, you have access to thousands of books on MYON, all of which are also on Accelerated Reader.  Here is the information to access these books - all for free!  The library in Broadfield is also open again if you prefer real books.


Go to and enter your login information:

  •   a. School Name: The Bewbush Academy
      b. Username: the172student
      c. Password: read

  • Click on the Sign In button, select a book, and start reading!


I will be setting a Summer Reading Challenge to encourage you to read during the summer holidays, there will be a really good prize for the winner!  Watch this space!



Mr Leake and Mr Tyers have been really busy this year promoting Sports and physical activity at school - hopefully some of you at home are also taking part. The Bewbush Academy took part in more competitions and tournaments this year than ever before, we will be picking this up again next year as soon as we’re able to.


Together Mr Leake and Mr Tyers through the sports’ provision they have provided, have achieved the Quality Start Award for Key Stage 1.  As you can see, the level we were awarded was a Platinum Award, no starting at Bronze for us!



The Government has now sent out the guidance for schools to fully reopen in September.  I am working closely with TKAT, our Trust, to ensure we fully comply with the guidance and open safely for everyone.  There will still be staggered start and finish times, but we will be back to a full day for all children and we will be back to 30 children in each class.  It’s great that so many children have returned already, as they will know what to expect and will be able to support their friends.


I have included a link here to the latest guidance from the Government for parents and carers.


Autumn Term Guidance for Parents


Summer Holidays

The Bewbush Academy will not be open during the Summer Holidays.  To give everyone the break they deserve and to give us all time to prepare the building and the curriculum for September we will be closing to children on Friday 17th July for a full six weeks.


This has been a really tough year and I really hope you understand how much we have tried to have as many children coming to school as the guidance has allowed us to have.  Opening new year groups as soon as we were able.  Sadly, transition has not taken place as we would have liked and the Year 6pupils have not had any of the usual preparations to say Goodbye to their primary education.  As soon as we are given permission for larger gatherings, we will invite them back for a farewell get together.


Due to the guidance for September only just being released, this may cause us to make changes in some year groups, I apologise for this but we really are trying to provide your children with the best education possible next year.


Christine Dickens



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