Posted on: November 22nd 2020

Y6 World War II Day

Kacper was inspired by the World War II Day and produced this poem.



We commenced the day, by letting the plants go free,

We, dug the plants, raked the soil with a few tools

What we call digging for victory!


After that, us

All entered a bus, to investigate modern history,

Recordings we found, people’s voices all around

And a bucket named a potty!


Suddenly, then

A man here arrived and stated that his name was Burnett

He schooled us about gas masks, we found it quite surprising when

“Gas gas gas!” he said!


To conclude with, then

Some cookies we baked, but not mint or chocolate chip

Butter, flour, sugar and carrots were mixed and stirred,

To make a brilliant biscuit


That was the end,

Of Monday, our day, it was then time for the bus to drive away

You may now see, we’re lucky to be free and that was

World War Two Day…


By Kacper