Posted on: January 6th 2021

Remote Learning Update

Dear Parents/Carers,


Firstly, I would like to say WOW, WOW, WOW! We have been absolutely thrilled to see so many of your children engaging in the learning we have been providing remotely over the last two days. A massive thank-you to the adults at home who have been helping get your child or children up out of bed to start their day in such a positive way. We cannot stress how important it is for all children to continue to engage with their learning so that they do not fall further behind during these unprecedented times.


If you have internet and a device but cannot access the Google Classroom, please email for some technical support. I know not every family has been able to access Google Classroom, however we are going to be working super hard to try to make this a possibility for as many children as possible over the next week or so. 


As many of you will now know, the online learning we are providing during this lockdown is on a whole new level to the offer we provided you with before. Using Google Classroom and Google Meet, we are able to provide LIVE TEACHING AND LEARNING opportunities to your child several times a day; we have teachers now uploading daily video inputs where they are able to model and demonstrate what is expected of the children in order to support them with their independent tasks. Every piece of work your child submits will be read and marked by a class teacher or teaching assistant, they will receive comments and feedback for some of their work and can even receive virtual stickers and house points for their efforts.


“ I just wanted to say the classes today and work was really good! My child stayed focused all day, done everything, enjoyed it too! So thank you! The structure is so much easier this time round.” YEAR 2 PARENT


“ Thank you so much for all the work you have been doing; I think the live meetings are great; my child loves being able to see you and some of her classmates.” YEAR 3 PARENT


“It is so nice the children can see a familiar face and your teaching is amazing for the engagement and the enthusiasm of the children, thank-you!” YEAR 4 PARENT


These are just a few of the messages we have received already - so if your child has not logged into Google Classroom yet, we would ask that they do, where this is possible.


There is also a separate Google Classroom for children with additional needs as well as a Thrive Google Classroom - please email the school if you would like access to these for your child.


As mentioned in a previous letter, now that we know that some teachers will be working in school with the key worker/vulnerable children and some teachers will be working remotely on Google Classroom, there may be a slight change to your child’s online schedule. Therefore I am attaching the updated EYFS, KS1 and KS2 timetable again. Please note, if your child’s teacher is working in school for a short period, your child will have their Live Google Meets with another teacher from the year group, however this is only temporary and they will still have an opportunity to touch base with their teacher and friends at the end of each day on a live meet , if they so wish (this is optional). Details will be on the Google Classroom.


The timetables can be accessed here:-


- KS1

- KS2


Please phone the office tomorrow if you have absolutely no way of accessing Google Classroom.


Teachers and safeguarding staff will also be in touch with you and your child/children regularly.


Yours sincerely


Kim Sheik

Assistant Headteacher responsible for Teaching & Learning