Posted on: June 21st 2019

Magical Year 1

Have you seen a wizard around town?

Year 1 have been looking for a wizard that is on the loose. To their amazement they had a huge egg delivered to them for safe keeping and a wizard tried to steal it. Everyone in Year 1 went on a hunt with a map to find clues: long, grey hair and a wand in the classroom, a tall, pointed hat in the outside classroom, a magic orb in Mrs Mapp’s office, fingerprints on Annie’s desk, a cape on the Trim Trail and Mrs Ayling even heard an evil cackle! Luckily, Mr Freeman saw a tall man with long grey hair, running across the field and scared him off. Fortunately he dropped the egg.

Mrs Sheik wanted to know exactly what had happened and asked Year 1 to write a report.  They also created some wanted posters so that everyone knew who to keep a look out for. This allowed them to practise their descriptive writing.  Children used adjectives and even some similes to give a clear picture of what the wizard looked like and what had happened. Now we are just waiting for the egg to hatch…