Posted on: July 8th 2019

Enterprise Week - Y1

During Enterprise week, Year 1 we were set the challenge to design, make, advertise and sell a product at the school fair and make a profit! 

So Year 1 decided to make shields and to make as much profit as possible we recycled cardboard boxes as our main material to make them out of.  We began by sharing ideas about what sort of shield shape would be best to protect us and then designed our own family crests. We discussed things that were important to us and created a crest that represented our family. We designed posters to advertise and persuade people to buy our shields, made bunting to make our stall look attractive and explored money and the coins we could use to pay for the shields.

Enterprise week has given us the chance to practice using some important skills such as team work, discussion, persuading, explaining, listening, designing and making.