Posted on: October 4th 2019

Y5 Orienteering Festival

On Monday 23rd September, twenty Year 5 children went to Seymour School to take part in an orienteering festival. The pupils were able to participate in a range of activities and games involving map reading.   Thank you to each of the children who provided a report below.


The orienteering experience was very exhausting but extremely fun. My favourite game/challenge was the one where we were in a group of three and we had a map. Each map had a different letter and on the map was where we had to start and an arrow was showing us where to go. The most important part was that the map showed us all of Seymour’s school, including the whole field. We had to follow the arrow on the map to lead us to a sign that would give us a clue. We then had to go back and tell our leaders to see if we were right. I learnt how to work as a team and cooperate. I had a great team, as we worked well together. It was really valuable and fun.                                                                                                                   Kaydee


The orienteering experience was amazing, as we were waiting for the games to start we played a game of eye spy my little eye with Annie and Mrs Blackshaw. After that, we started our first game. We had been given a sheet and we needed to find a number and a letter. For our second round, we had to run to a cone and under it were pieces of a map. We had to get all the pieces and complete the map before the other teams. My favourite game was the last round because we were given a robotic finger and a map. We had to work quickly as a team to get a brilliant score.                                                                                                                              Leah


On Monday, I went to Seymour School to do orienteering. We walked there – very tiring – and went to their huge field. First up was that we got a map and there was an arrow pointing to where our answer was. Secondly, we got a different map. There were different coloured lines on it. I looked at the floor and saw cones so I followed the cones from the colour order and picked them up to add them and it gave us our answer. Finally (my favourite), we got into 3s and put a chip on our finger. We went around quickly scanning in order so we could win. This was fun.                                                                                                                               Zara


When I went to the orienteering festival it was great fun but cold at the same time. We did a lot of activities including getting maps with different colours from cones on the ground. We had a few breaks when we were tired. My favourite game was when we were doing a race in pairs of 3. MY team didn’t win but it was still really fun. I hope whoever goes next will have as much fun as I did.                                     Linda


Last Monday (23rd September) I had the chance to go to Seymour school to represent our school (The Bewbush Academy) in an event involving map reading. I had the task of using a map to find letters. This was exciting because they were all around the playground. Then we got a different map and followed it, turning cones around along the way.                                                                                          Joao