Welcome to The Bewbush Academy

Welcome to The Bewbush Academy. We are a large primary school in Bewbush, Crawley. Our children come not just from the local community of Bewbush, but together we make up around 30 different nationalities from all over the World and we speak approximately 40 different languages! We are proud of our diversity and we stand together as one proud and welcoming community.  

Our vision is for all of our children to leave us as confident and enthusiastic learners, well-equipped with the skills and competencies needed to excel in their next phase of learning. Through their primary school experience with us at The Bewbush Academy, we aim to have enabled them to become positive contributors to their community and to their wider world.

We have placed the Well-Being of Body and Mind at the centre of our curriculum.  We recognise that children with higher levels of emotional, behavioural, social and school wellbeing, on average, have higher levels of academic achievement and are more engaged in school.

We recognise that the following six elements contribute to an all round sense of well-being:

  • Health
  • Learning
  • Spirit
  • Connecting
  • Place
  • Planet

Our aim is to provide our children with an engaging, innovative and empowering curriculum that equips them for today and for the future. 

We are a Thrive School with two Thrive Practitioners in school, a school counsellor, a Family Link Worker and a team of ‘ACE Tutors’. Our fantastic and dedicated team of staff  support our children’s learning and wellbeing as they move through the school. 

We hope that our website offers you a glimpse of our school, but the best way to find out about us is to come and see us. 

Please contact the school office to book a visit to our school.  We look forward to seeing you.

Lucy Cooper