Welcome to The Bewbush Academy.

At Bewbush we value each individual child and everyone works hard to get to know each child and their individual personalities and needs. We are all passionate about supporting children’s emotional development as well as their academic learning.

We believe the foundations to learning lie in learning the basics; reading, writing and mathematics and applying these to a broad and rich curriculum.  Over time I intend to look at our broader curriculum and make sure it meets the needs of all our children in giving them a taste of historical enquiry, geographic mapping, a knowledge of countries and cultures and a wide range of creative arts.

We support children’s emotional development by having a Counsellor in school to work with some of our children and we have a Family Link Worker who works with our families in need. Some of our children experience challenging childhoods and we all work hard to support them through these challenges and to develop their learning skills to ensure they have improved life chances.  We have a SENCo (Special Needs Co-ordinator) who is newly appointed to the role and is working hard to ensure our support for Children with Special Educational Needs continues to identify the children quickly and provide timely and accurate intervention.  

At Bewbush we are very fortunate to have extensive grounds and we need to make sure we are making the best use of the wonderful space we have.  We will be looking to improve the outdoor area through more picnic tables and outdoor activities. 

We firmly believe that children’s education is a partnership between school and families, we ask parents to be involved in their children’s learning and to support all home learning and the school behaviour policy. Children who are supported at home achieve better in school. We welcome you into the school during our Open Afternoons when the children have the opportunity to share their learning with their parents and grandparents.

We are proud of the children at Bewbush. We are especially proud of the way that each and every one strives to fulfil the school aims:

  • we aim high,

  • we broaden horizons

  • we develop confidence

  • we ask that the children always try their best in all they do!

For more information on our ethos and values, please click here.

Mrs Christine Dickens