How to Purchase School Uniform

You have two options for purchasing embroidered school uniform online via Price & Buckland or Tesco Embroidery.


Price & Buckland Uniform

To place your order visit

The first time you visit the website you will need to register; you can then browse the items and make your purchase.

There are 2 options of delivery:

  • Delivery to your home address within 3-5 days for a fee of £2.95
  • Delivery to school every 2nd Monday and every 4th Monday of the month free of charge

If you place an order online and choose for delivery to the school, you can collect this from 2.30pm on the 2nd/4th Monday of the month. You will need to bring with you your order/purchase confirmation in order to receive your uniform garments.


Please note PE kits can only be purchased from Price & Buckland.


Tesco School Uniform

School Jumper prices from £9.00 and Polo Shirts from £5.50. 

To place your order visit My Clothing