Read, Write, Inc at The Bewbush Academy


At The Bewbush Academy we teach children to read and write using a phonics program called Read Write Inc (RWI).

RWI is a synthetic phonics program which helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language. 

Please click on the link to find out more about Read Write Inc.


We use Fred to help us- Fred can only talk in sounds…

He says “c-a-t” Not cat.

We call this Fred Talk



Speed sounds

We call sounds that have 2 or 3 letters that make 1 sound Special Friends.

And here is a guide to pronounce those sounds.



Once the children start to learn the sounds we then teach them how to blend those sounds to make a word.

Blending, sounding out and Fred talk all mean the same thing. Saying the sounds together to make words.

You might hear your children using the terms like Fred talk or Fred in your head or Speedy words, these are some of the step by step ways they learn to read words. 

 Green words

These green words will contain all the sounds the children have been taught.