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Bewbush Academy

Local Governing Body Annual Impact Report 2020

Governance at Bewbush Academy within TKAT

The Bewbush Academy is part of TKAT, a multi academy trust.  The trust is a charity and its board of trustees must ensure that it complies with its charitable objects which relate to the provision of education in its schools.  As such it is the trust board which is accountable for the performance of the schools in the trust, and in turn, it is held to account by the Department for Education.  The trust can choose to appoint committees for each of its academies and where it does so, these are known as a local governing body or LGB.  The LGB’s responsibilities are set out in a document known as the Scheme of Delegation which is available on TKAT’s and Academy’s website.


The Bewbush Academy Local Governing Body


We currently have 6 governors:

  • 1 headteacher
  • 2 staff governors
  • 3 appointed governors

Chair of Governors:  Judith Crofts, an appointed governor

Vice-Chair of Governors:  Matt Bachelor, an appointed governor

If you wish to contact governors, please do so by the school website contact details.



There are six meetings of the full Local Governing Body (LGB) each academic year.  In addition to this, individual members of the LGB take on responsibility for key areas of school life, undertake visits to monitor these and report back to the full governing body.

Governance functions


The LGB works with the school by:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Vision and Ethos

The LGB works to develop and implement the strategic vision for the academy with the Headteacher. Regular updates are given to review how strategic vision is being implemented through SDP priorities.

The LGB determines budgeting and curriculum priorities with the Headteacher.  The strategic goals, the Trust’s and the Academy’s development plan are cross referenced to determine budget and curriculum priorities.


As a result of the strategic planning, the quality of provision across the school is good.

The budget and the curriculum are aligned with the Academy’s development priorities.


Governors receive updates on safeguarding issues at each Governing Body meeting.  In addition, the named Safeguarding Governor has termly meetings with the DSL to remain updated on the latest developments in this area.  A visit in December looked at the new E-Safety curriculum (also presented to the LGB in Spring 2020) and involved discussions with pupils on their understanding of safeguarding.


Quality of Safeguarding is excellent and it is clear that the over-arching systems are being communicated to all members of the school community.

Teaching and Learning

In line with the stated future plans on the 2019 Impact Statement the GB received Autumn and Spring term presentations by members of the Leadership Team.

Autumn term – ‘Well-being of Body and Mind’ introducing the new wider curriculum

Spring term – Reading update focusing on the work on ‘Vipers’ and ‘Cracking Comprehension’


Due to the Covid 19 situation further monitoring of these areas was not possible and will be carried forward to 2020/21.

Educational Performance of the School and its Pupils

Governors receive regular updates about the percentage of teaching that is judged to be at least effective, that is, teaching that has a positive impact on the outcomes for pupils.  Governors challenge the leadership about actions taken to improve teaching and impact of actions.


Due to the Covid 19 situation further monitoring of these areas was not possible and will be carried forward to 2020/21.


The LGB is responsible for approving the Academy budget, subject to final approval by the local Director of Education.  This includes ensuring that the annual budget is in-line with the three year projected budget.  It ensures that additional spending (eg capital works) is in-line with the school’s priorities and the Scheme of Delegation.

A member of the LGB meets regularly with the Academy business manager to be kept informed about variances in current expenditure and budget projections.  The Academy receives external/TKAT financial audits.


Spending reflects the Academy’s priorities and the budget agreed for the year.  The work of the business manager, monitored through the LGB finance meetings, ensures there is good value for money.  As a result of monitoring visits and reports, the LGB has clear oversight of the financial position as well as an open dialogue about any issues or savings. Governors are aware of the progress and impact of any significant capital expenditure, and completion of the new library has had a positive impact across the school.

The financial impact of Covid has yet to be fully determined as the pandemic is continuing to impact on schools; however, the impact in 19-20 was felt through over 80% loss of lettings income and additional premises costs. At the end of 19-20 this was estimated at approximately £9000 which the school has looked to cover from existing in-year savings.

Future Plans 

These remain in place from 2019/20 due to the impact of Covid 19

  • Monitor progress in reading with a particular focus on the impact of ‘Vipers’ and ‘Cracking Comprehension’
  • Understand and monitor the school’s approach to the wider curriculum and how this is designed to best meet the needs of all pupils
  • Monitor progress and attainment for different groups of pupils, with particular focus on how pupils are being stretched to work at greater depth
  • Continue to develop the skill base of individual members of the governing body by attendance at key courses

Chair of Governors:  Judith Crofts

Date:  02.10.20