Governor Impact

Delegated Responsibility

Governor Assigned


Example Actions likely to enable Governors to fulfil responsibility (Challenge and support as appropriate is implied throughout these actions)


Impact [Intended/Actual]




Develop and implement the strategic vision for the academy with the Headteacher ensuring that it is in line with the overall vision and values of TKAT



Regular meetings with HT to review how strategic vision is being implemented through SDP priorities.

As a result of the strategic planning, the quality of provision across the school is now Good – recognised by Ofsted in November 2017

Determine budgeting and curriculum priorities with the Headteacher


J Crofts

Cross reference the strategic goals, the Trust’s and the Academy’s development plan to determine budget and curriculum priorities

The budget and the curriculum are aligned with the Academy’s development priorities

Review annual pay progression recommendations


Pay Committee

Pay progression recommendations on annual September GB meeting agenda.

Impact on teaching has been significant, with teaching now judged as securely Good

Facilitate collaboration

J Crofts

Six weekly ‘Challenge Meetings’ with Director of Education and Exec Head in 2016-17 focused on impact of support from other schools, the TSA and any other relevant brokerage through TKAT.

The school received strong support from a range of schools and support networks across TKAT and is now in a position to support other schools.  From September 2018, HT will be involved in supporting other local schools.



(Improving outcomes for all pupils)


Set performance benchmarks, ratified by the local Director of Education

J Crofts

Worked alongside the HT to ensure that targets for each key performance indicator were robustly benchmarked against the national picture,


Results at the end of each Key Stage rose significantly in 2017-18 with attainment in line with, or exceeding, National standards in almost all key areas.

Quality of teaching is Good

Quality of leadership is Good


Support, challenge and hold the leadership to account for the implementation of the Academy plan in partnership with the Local Director of Education, focussing particularly on Academy performance targets and progress data 


J Crofts

Termly Meetings used to measure progress towards key outcomes and challenge actions where progress was not rapid enough.

Results at the end of each Key Stage rose significantly in 2017-18.

Quality of teaching and leadership are good, as recognised by Ofsted in November 2017.


Develop effective links with the Academy community and the wider local community

K Howe

The key focus in 2017-18 was to strengthen community involvement at an LGB level due to loss of parent governors and a need to recruit new staff onto the LGB.

Community governor appointed from outside school community, adding a broader perspective to GB.

Staff governors have been recruited from outside of the SLT to ensure clear staff voice.

TKAT governor remains on GB to ensure links to the TKAT community.

A priority is to ensure representation from the parent community – 2 parent governor positions remain unfilled.





K Howe

Implement a policy review schedule

All statutory policies are in place and up to date.

J Crofts

At least one member of the LGB is fully familiar with and monitors the Academy’s child protection and safeguarding procedures (Including for EYFS).

Governors know how pupils are kept safe from the dangers of abuse, sexual exploitation, radicalisation and extremism.

Set and approve the Academy budget, subject to final approval by the local Director of Education. 


Ensure the annual budget is in-line with the three year projected budget.

Ensures that additional spending (eg capital works) is in-line with the school’s priorities and the Scheme of Delegation.


The Academy has a balanced budget and exceeds the TKAT reserves policy.

Spending reflects the Academy’s priorities.

There is good value for money

Monitor and challenge expenditure in accordance with appropriate authorisations

M Batchelor

A member of the LGB now meets regularly with the Academy business manager to be kept informed about variances in current expenditure and budget projections. 

Receive external/TKAT financial audits.

LGB have clear oversight of financial position


Receive the plan to spend additional funding for Pupil Premium and Sports Premium.

Receive regular reports on how additional funding is spent and its impact through HT report to governors.


Gaps for disadvantages pupils are closing.

Pupils have a quality experience in Primary PE lessons through specialised teacher

Oversee any significant capital expenditure and building projects with the executive team


Building works taking place to redesign and refurbish the EYFS building was worked through the LGB in detail, including achieving best value for money and the rationale behind intended outcomes.

Governors are aware of the progress and impact of any significant capital expenditure. The impact of the refurbishment continues to impact positively across the school.