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At The Bewbush Academy, we are passionate about our children being happy, well-rounded learners, who can achieve their full potential in all aspects of their life. We value the positive relationships that we have with our children and their families, which underpins our core intent of ensuring the positive well-being of body and mind for our children is central in everything that we do. As part of this we have fully implemented the TKAT ACE programme.


What is the ACE Programme? 

The ACE Programme has been developed to ensure that each child who is entitled to Pupil Premium funding has a member of staff (an ACE Tutor) that will be their champion,  to support them in achieving their full potential while at The Bewbush Academy. 

Those eligible for Pupil Premium funding are:

  • Children entitled to Free School Meals or those who have been entitled in the last six years

  • Children of Armed Service Personnel

  • Looked After Children and children who have been adopted since 2008

  • Those with a Special Guardianship Order or residence order.


What do our ACE tutors do?

Our ACE Tutors meet with our Pupil Premium children regularly on a 1:1 basis, or sometimes in sibling groups. ACE time is child-centred time, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual child. Together, each child and their ACE tutor will identify areas of focus and from this will create an action plan. This might relate to the following sorts of things:

  • Identifying barriers to learning and finding strategies to support the child and their family with improving learning outcomes. 

  • Work on improving attendance and punctuality. 

  • Supporting the children with their friendships, emotions, self esteem or ambitions

  • Celebrating successes, individuality, resilience.

  • Working with families to explore enrichment activities and clubs 


What does an ACE Tutor Session look like?

These sessions are tailored specifically to support the individual child.  Therefore, each child’s provision will look very different. Children may engage with the following sorts of activities:

  • Time to talk to a trusted adult about something on their mind. 

  • Arts and crafts

  • Cooking

  • Support with homework

  • Additional reading / phonics

  • Additional basic maths support. 

  • Educational games 

  • Small world and role play activities 

  • Focus on friendship skills through group activities 

  • Looking at daily routines and boundaries. 

  • Meetings with family members to get a full understanding of the individual child’s needs. 


How do we work with families?

We appreciate the vital role that parents and carers play in a child’s holistic development. Our ACE Tutors will act as a link between the child, the child’s family, school staff and any relevant outside agencies (where appropriate).  Enabling safe spaces for trusted conversations where parents and children can express what is important to them in the child’s learning and life. 

ACE Tutors will make contact with parents / carers to gain their views and updates, to enable the provision to be adapted as needed. 


Who are our ACE tutors?

Tina Brennan

Pastoral and Thrive Lead/ ACE tutor

Stephanie Sylva

ACE tutor

Chloe Richards

ACE tutor

Michell Fassam

Inclusion Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Zoe Sewell

Inclusion Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Nicola Kurtulus

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Emma Minns

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Emily O’Donovan

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Neelam Sinha

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Debbie Gillies

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Corrine Coventry

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Shona Darvill

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Mandy Pharoah

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Emma O’Malley

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Lorraine Littlejohn

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Somia Carroll

Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Sandra Potter

EAL Teaching Assistant/ ACE tutor

Tracy Mitchell 

HLTA/ ACE tutor