Posted on: January 11th 2023

Stone Age Day

In History, Year Three has been learning all about the Stone Age and our Literacy text is set in the Stone Age! On Friday was Stone Age Day, we took part in a wide range of exciting activities to explore early human history. First, the children gave themselves Stone Age names and we used these throughout the day! Other activities included:  cave painting under tables, mammoth drawing, producing a Stone Age computer animation and we even created jewellery using salt dough! 

Kenwyn (aka 'Amazing Stone') "I enjoyed making the dough and trying to make necklaces. I really enjoyed it and it was an extraordinary morning".  

Ella Rose (aka 'Little Log') "I loved squeezing the salt dough to make different shapes"

Freddie (aka 'Saber-Tooth) "I liked making shark teeth for my necklace"

Ellie (aka 'Juicy Berry) "We stuck paper underneath the tables and did cave paintings. It was amazing". 

Mason (aka Deep Cave King) "My favourite thing was making the shells and teeth for the necklaces".