Reading Book Vending Machine

***Update- We are very excited to announce that we now have the Reading Vending Machine in school! Thank you so much to all those who helped contribute towards this, the children are very excited about the new addition in the library and we will share updates with you throughout the year***


Please help us raise funds to provide our pupils with a Reading Book Vending Machine!

GIRL READING        Pic 1         BOY READING


At the Bewbush Academy we are passionate about raising children’s confidence and enjoyment in reading for pleasure. Reading will expand our children’s horizons and open their hearts and minds to new worlds and adventures.


As a school we are privileged to have many reading opportunities within our timetable; reading everyday, our whole school reading lessons and having a weekly visit to our school library. We are looking to really make reading the beating heart of our school and we would love to be able to purchase a book vending machine, to support, promote and encourage reading.


Whilst these vending machines are expensive, over £2,000, we believe that it will excite and enthuse the children and make reading for pleasure a true passion for every child.


In order to achieve our goal we need your help! We are asking for donations, however big or small, to install a vending machine in our library and create this wonderful opportunity for our amazing pupils.


For information about how to donate, please contact our school office.


As always, we value any support and contributions. Thank you.


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