Posted on: February 14th 2020

A Prickly Visitor in EYFS

On the 14th February, children in EYFS had some very special spiky visitors when some rescue hedgehogs came into class. The children had been finding out why are monsters and hedgehogs the same. They looked at similarities and differences between living things and made observations of animals in order to answer the question. The children were delighted to be able to spend time with the rescue hedgehogs and were able to impress the hedgehog rescue volunteer with all their new information about hedgehogs. The children demonstrated their understanding of new vocabulary such as spine, mammal, nocturnal   and hibernate when talking to the volunteers.

The children were absolutely silent while they waited for the hedgehog to be brave enough to uncurl and were rewarded when the hedgehog had a little sniff and a short walk around.

Ask your child what they now know about hedgehogs and why they are the same as a monster!