Posted on: December 17th 2020

Y2 Icy Experiments

Today Year 2 were Scientists and investigated what happens to large pieces of ice when covered with flour, food colouring and salt. They enjoyed watching, listening and touching the ice as it melted. They were very excited and wrote up their findings in a scientific report.


  • Sophia said she wanted to be a scientist when she grows up.
  • Archie liked putting different things on the ice.  His favourite was the food dye because it changed colour.
  • Max liked it when the balloons were cold and they were experimenting. He mixed the red and blue dye to make a purple colour. 
  • Rishay used salt and it made a crack in the ice. 
  • Kason liked it when they put the salt on the ice because it started to melt the ice in a funny pattern.
  • Bella could hear the ice crackling, she thought it was very satisfying.
  • Bogdon thought it cool when the colouring went in; it showed the cracks.