Posted on: January 21st 2021

Headteacher’s Headline - 21JAN21

Well, I never expected to be welcoming you to 2021 back in a National Lockdown.  What a shame we have had to return to having only vulnerable and keyworker children in school.  However, I have to say how impressed I am at how quickly teachers have organised all the remote learning and how the Senior Leadership Team jumped into action with timetables and expectations.  Thank you for all your positive comments.


I am also impressed with the levels of engagement by children across the whole school.  I appreciate that our offer is so much better than during the last lockdown but I am amazed and reassured to see how many children join the live meets, watch the teaching videos and upload their work.  Thank you to all the parents who are supporting us in ensuring children continue to learn.  Now we need to work on 100% participation, we’re currently at about 90%.


Last week we gave out some paper packs to make life easier for those of you who have limited devices or no internet access at all and this week we have managed to loan out some devices.  The devices going out this week are our own school devices but thanks to several different sources, Ardingly Prep School, Computers for Kids, and Scobie McIntosh, an engineering company in Smallfield, we will have a few more to give out over the next week.  We would like to see every family have access to the Google Classrooms.  If you have requested a device, don’t worry we will get to you but we are offering to families who have no device at all first.  Then we will look at larger families who are sharing one device.  If you have no device and have not contacted us please email and we will do our best to source something for you.  


Today we launched our Remote Learning Offer on the website, please click on the Remote Learning Tab and a new page will open taking you to our offer.  There are ‘How to …’ videos for you to help with all aspects of the Google Classrooms.


We have been very fortunate so far and no-one has caught the virus in school but please follow the guidance and if anyone in your household has any one of the symptoms you must keep everyone at home.  The person with symptoms must have a test and if it comes back negative the child can come back to school but if the test is positive the household must isolate for the rest of the 10 day period.


Train to Teach with TKAT

Being a teacher in the classroom and swapping between being a parent and homeschooling your children are two completely different things.  Although teaching is extremely hard work it is easier than turning your kitchen tables into a classroom.  So if you’ve ever wondered about teaching and you haven’t been put off during lockdown please click here for information about training to become a teacher. 


We also sent you some information regarding a wellbeing program - NeuroNinjas on SchoolsBuddy this week.  This is a 10 week program that starts today, Thursday 21st January at 7pm.  Click here to find out more.


Please continue to support us in all the ways you do currently, especially to help us keep everyone safe by wearing a mask if you come onto the playground and to keep everyone outside of school safe, keep that mask on in crowded spaces.


Please keep providing all the support you can at home and let us know if there is any way we can help you.

Thank you. 

Mrs C Dickens