Posted on: March 20th 2019

Year 5 Rockets

Year 5 have been researching many famous artists including Kandinsky and Thorpe during their art sessions. They have spent time studying the artist’s work and looking at key stylistic features of their work. They have enjoyed the artistic process where they have practised skills such as creating backgrounds using different media resources and using a range of shapes and materials. Inspired by Peter Thorpe’s rocket 25 the children have created their own rocket pieces using the skills they have practised. This has resulted in some amazing space creations.


Here is what the children had to say:

“I liked looking at Thorpe’s work and then adding my own personal touches. I really like drawing and we got to use loads of different resources. I was quite happy with my work.”


“I liked the artistic process as I got to use tissue paper, pastels, and sugar paper. I used lots of different shapes and backgrounds so my rocket and planets would be effective.”