Posted on: March 18th 2024

A.I.R Exotics- Year 6 Science

Last Monday, Year 6 were joined by various cold-blooded vertebrates brought in by the AMAZING team at A.I.R Exotics, Crawley. This was to go along with part of their Science unit in classifying animals. They met Corn Snakes, a Tortoise, a huge Burmese Python, two Bearded Dragons, a Royal Python and a beautiful Blue-tongued Skink.

I am sure the children have passed on some amazing facts about all the animals! If not, please ask them. They learnt where these animals are native to, what they eat, when they eat, shedding and lots, lots more!

Thank you A.I.R Exotics - what a truly memorable day, and what brave year 6 children we have!